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Chad Rector

Chad Rector

I'm a food microbiologist by day and a competitive cyclist, coach and blogger by night. I joined the faculty of Bikewagon Community College in 2013.

I've been a competitive athlete since I was knee-high and continue to train and compete. In grade school I mostly competed in team sports with a few more individual sports during high school, doing three sports per calendar year all through high school. During college I was a football player and track athlete for Hope College in Holland, Mich. After college I found my way into competitive cycling, a natural transition from "competitive commuting" (timing how long it takes you to get to work, the grocery store, beating cars in a stoplight holeshot, etc.)

I've been competing in cycling since 2010 but rode bikes off and on throughout my youth and in college for transportation and recreation. I started competing in mountain bike races in 2013. I train all year round; some of the nicest views of the wilderness are under the blanket of snow we get in Michigan.

My true passion is cyclocross. It's the right mix of intensity, crazyiness and pain in a nice, compact package. I race in criteriums, road races and time trials. I've stuck to cross country and endurance for mountain bike races -- about the only style available in my area unless I want to travel a good ways.

My blog is Cycling and Suffering, where I write about some of my adventures, products I use, some guides for others to use and anything else I think may be worth reading or seeing.

Photos of Chad

Winter on Lake Michigan
2011 cyclocross race