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Meet Bikewagon's Customer Service Team!

If you're going to hop on the Wagon, we're going to treat you right. To make sure that happens, we've collected a great group of friendly, knowledgeable customer service people to help you whenever you need it.


Chris was born and raised in Jackson, Miss. Since moving to Utah in 2007, he has grown a very manly beard and rediscovered his passion for the great outdoors. Although he is new to cycling, he is an avid and experienced ice and rock climber, skier, fly-fisherman and backpacker.


Marie keeps everyone in line around these parts. She calls the rest of the customer service group "the boys." Before coming to the Wagon, she worked for many years with real, live customers in national brick-and-mortar retail chains. Marie loves attending the opera, and she may or may not be a huge Miley Cyrus fan.


John is the grizzled veteran here at the Wagon. Back when Al Gore was creating the Internet, John was starting one of the Web's first bike shops, Aardvark Cycles. Before that, he was racing BMX bikes in cut-off jeans and T-shirts. Today, he's the tallest employee at Bikewagon.


Brad comes to Bikewagon after many years selling outdoor gear in brick-and-mortar retail. He is an avid cyclist and skier (in fact, we think he might be out skiing while this little bio is being written). He's almost as tall as John, but we've never had them stand back-to-back to compare.


Brady is a really nice guy. In fact, he's so nice that he can't help but kiss the fish he catches to let them know how truly sorry he is. He comes to Bikewagon after working in the trenches at a mall kiosk and is currently studying business.

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