The top 4 reasons to ride a bike this Earth Day

I’m not a tree-hugger, just a cyclist with tight pants:

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Around the office I have a reputation for being some kind of hipster-tree-hugger, which is probably why I was singled out to write this blog post about Earth Day. Before I begin, I want to clear some things up. I wear tight pants because they are easier to bike in. My wide-rimmed glasses allow me to see. And I don’t hug trees; they are prickly, covered in sap, and that is just weird. Well…okay, so maybe I have hugged a few trees, but I will "leaf" that out of this. Here is my one chance to convince you to ditch your car to commute by bike and I better not blow it. Whether you are a tree-hugger or not, you will benefit by riding a bike more often (tight pants optional).

Without further ado, here are my top reasons for commuting by bike:

Money, money, money

Driving is expensive. The average driver spends nearly $8,000 a year to own and operate a vehicle. Skip the monthly payments, insurance, gas and maintenance, and ride a bike. Bikes only cost cyclists an average of $300 a year!

Body and mind

Everyone knows exercise does the body good, and yet we drive cars everywhere we go. Skip the gym and ride a bike. It will kill fat, build a stronger heart and provide excellent stress relief for even the busiest of minds.

Pure enjoyment

No one likes sitting in traffic, so skip the lines and grab a bike. Passing cars with wind blowing between your ears will release the inner child from within you.

…Yep, the environment

Cars use valuable resources and emit pollution into the air. Riding a bike will save wilderness areas from drilling and clean air means happy lungs.

For at least today, in the spirit of Earth Day, try commuting by bike. Ride to work, spin to the store, or go for a joy ride. I promise it will be worth your time. The worst that can happen is that your office will start calling you a tree-hugging-hipster...and that's not too bad.

If you need proof of why riding a bike is better than a car check out and

You may also want to check out our Green Cycling tutorial from BWCC.

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Kurt Simpson, AKA The Handsome Cyclist, is an avid road racer and Bikewagon's hipster-in-residence. He currently runs the retail location at the Wagon.

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