The Big Move

We’re moving!

You may have heard or seen the recent news that Bikewagon is joining winter sports retailer L9 Sports. We’re still in the beginning of the marriage, but we can say it’s gonna be great! Over the next few months you’ll start seeing the benefits of our joined forces in more products and great deals for year-round adventures.

Bikewagon is moving

As part of the process, we’re moving in to L9’s building, which is only a mile up the road from us. We’re packing up the warehouse, the retail shop and our offices and taking it all over there. We’re just getting started, but we’ll keep you posted as we get settled in.

We just want to let you know that while we move, some orders may experience a little bit of a delay in the shipping process. We’ve put a lot of planning and work into making sure we can find all products at every point in the move, but just because of the logistics of moving a warehouse with tens of thousands of products, some are going to take longer to find than others. Most delays won’t be more than a few hours, and please know that we’re hustling to get everything shipped as quickly as we normally do.

If you have any problems or are dissatisfied with our service during the move, please call or email our customer support team. Brad, Brady, Chris, John or Matt will be happy to resolve any issues and help you feel the Bikewagon love.

Stay tuned! Good things are coming.