The best ways to spend your tax refund at Bikewagon

It's April 15, and you know what that means, don't you?

Tax refund

Tax day.

We're hoping that you come up on the refund end rather than the owe end. Assuming that is the case, you're probably going to need a little help knowing how to best spend that extra money, huh.

No? Oh, well just in case you're original plans fall through, here are the best things you can spend it on at Bikewagon:

A new bike!

We specifically recommend the Kestrel RT 1000 SL carbon road bike. It's only 16.83 lbs and chock-full of Dura-Ace components. If that doesn't do it for you, we have some other steals in our complete bikes section, too.

Lance Armstrong memorabilia

We have a couple of real treasures to remember Lance by. How about a number 7 pin? Yeah, for some reason those haven't been selling too well as of late....

Spring rain gear

Best product picture ever. Maybe you wouldn't want to wear it riding a bike, but we really wanted people to see the awesome picture we have for this unisex 3-piece rainsuit. Seriously, it's Adam Sandler from the Nineties floating high above an evergreen forest in a plastic suit holding a life jacket.

Why isn't he wearing the life jacket? I'm not sure, but I'm worried that he might fall into a rushing canyon river far below. Oh well; at least he'll stay dry if he does!

A cool new cycling computer

How about the Garmin Edge 510? It has more features than you could ever use, including GPS. 'Nough said.

Tuition to a full semester at Bikewagon Community College

My office mate, Paul, says to just make the check out to him.

Oh wait... BWCC is free! You don't need to pay a cent. And we don't have semesters, either.

You'll have to excuse Paul. He just had a new baby, so he must be feeling the squeeze.


Happy tax day! Don't stay up too late.

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