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Tag Archives: Tires

  • How to convert your bike to tubeless tires

    In the last few years, tubeless tire setups have become the wheel systems and tires of choice for mountain bikers. While still not nearly as popular as in the MTB world, road and cyclocross setups have also started taking hold in the last year or so.

    If you've heard your friends talking about their tubeless setups but haven't yet made the effort to switch, we've put together a few videos to help you understand the process.

    Part 1: An overview of tubeless tires

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  • Road Bicycle Tires: The Basics

    Bikewagon - BWCC

    Most beginning cyclists don't think too much about tires; they are basically just a rubber hoop that helps you grip the road, right? That might have been correct 30 years ago, but in the modern world, road bike tires come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, designed to provide very high performance in certain situations. This guide will help you make an informed decision about purchasing the right tires for your bike and your style of riding.

    Tire Size

    The first decision you will have to make about a tire is the size. This has to be matched with two things: the diameter and width of your wheel rims. You will also have to make sure that whatever wheel/tire combo you select can fit in the frame of your bike. A too-big wheel on a frame designed for narrower designs can cause problems.

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  • Maintenance Monday: How to use a Presta valve

    Presta valve

    The standard type of valve on most modern bike tires is called a "Presta valve" (sometimes called a 'French Valve'). Unlike Schrader valves, which are common on some mountain bikes and all car tires, these types of valves are built to handle high-pressure tires, since the narrower valve stem increases the strength of the tube.

    Presta valves can be a little tricky to figure out when you are first working to fill one of them with air. The first step is to remove the black dust cover from the top of the valve. Set this aside somewhere it won't get lost.

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  • Bike Tires and Tubes 101

    Bikewagon - BWCC

    Tires are one of the most important parts of your bike, as they provide your contact for steering, stopping and accelerating. Good tires make life smooth and easy. Bad tires make for a bad day. Even the best tires wear out over time and need replacing, so whether your old set is falling apart or you are building a new bike, this guide will go over the different types of tires and tubes for different riding styles.


    Road bike tire

    The main rule of tire and tube sizing is this: the tire must match the wheel, and the tube must match the tire. If you don’t know the size of your wheels, check your current tire. There should be a series of numbers on the sidewall, for example "700 x 20c" or "26 x 4.8." These designate the size of the tires.

    There are two parts of tire size: width and diameter. Unfortunately, there are a bunch of tire standards. Some are measured in inches, some in millimeters. This can all be a bit confusing, but luckily more and more tires are marked with a standard: the ETRTO (European Tire and Rim Technical Organization) system, which consists of two numbers (for example, 20-622). The first number is the tire width, and the second number is the diameter of the bead (the part of the tire that seats into the rim to lock in place). If the second number matches on the tire and the wheel, it will almost always fit. In the ETRTO system, a 20-622 tire is equivalent to a standard 700 x 20c road tire.

    The outer diameter of your tires is not so important for fit, but it does influence traction and speed. Skinny tires are faster and bumpier, while wide tires give softer rides.

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  • Cyclocross Tires: What you should know

    Bikewagon - BWCC

    Selecting tires for cyclocross can be daunting for newcomers. There are so many options -- how are you supposed to know what to choose? Here we'll run through the thought process of how to pick the right tire for you.

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