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Tag Archives: MTB

  • Kids Who Rip: Kenzie Nevard keeps the UK MTB heritage strong

    Kenzie Nevard

    Rachel and Gee Atherton, Danny Hart, Josh Bryceland, Danny MacAskill, Martyn Ashton, Sam Pilgrim, and Steve Peat. A few of these names may ring a bell, but they all have one thing in common: they’re on the short list of U.K.-based mountain bikers across multiple disciplines who have made or are currently making a lasting impression on the sport. Ask any fan of DH, trials or slopestyle who they think are the top 10 riders of all time, and you can guarantee a UK rider will be mentioned -- for good reason. While MTBing was invented in the U.S., it is easily accepted that the passion for the sport runs no deeper than in this area of the world.

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  • Kids Who Rip: MTB prodigy Jackson Goldstone gets the views

    With the snow melting and giving way to ribbons of dirt commonly known as "single track," we decided to focus on a few shredders to get people excited about the upcoming mountain bike season. For the first post in this series, Kids Who Rip, let us introduce you to Jackson Goldstone.

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  • Simplifying Trail Etiquette: Whoever is having more fun has the right-of-way.

    Happy mountain biker

    Out on the mountain bike/running/hiking trail, it seems that people either don't know the rules regarding right-of-way, ignore the rules, or have their own set of rules. And these rules spark all sorts of debates (and sometimes fights.) But the "law," as made by the trail gods, is this: Hikers/runners and bikers yield to horses, bikers yield to hikers/runners, and downhill yields to uphill within these specific categories (i.e., downhill biker yields to uphill biker, but uphill biker still yields to downhill runner). You should always assume that everyone else on the trail is going to abide by these rules, unless it's communicated otherwise.

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  • A Woman's Tips for a Successful Mountain Biking Date

    Bikewagon - BWCC

    As a female road cyclist who rarely ventures onto the trails but seems to constantly be dating guys who love throwing themselves down rocky trails on their bikes, I've had my fair share of successful and unsuccessful couple mountain bike rides.

    If you're thinking of taking your relationship to the next level and becoming an "adventure buddy" couple, here are a few tips for before you start in. (These tips apply mostly to those couples where one person is already involved in biking or any other outdoor activity but the other is not. If you both already love biking and are quite competitive, that's a whole different can of worms.)

    Couple mountain biking

    1. Make sure you both know what you're getting into.

    It's no fun to show up to the trail unaware and unprepared for the rocky 3,000-feet elevation gain in the first three miles, only to drop back down that in the last three. It's also no fun to have seriously underestimated your significant other's athletic ability and propensity to whining. Be clear about the trail, judge your significant other's capabilities beforehand, and figure out a trail you can both feel comfortable on.

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  • Rico's Rants: Don't get too upset over a little mud.

    Rico's Rants

    It's that time of year again. Everyone is pumped to get out on the bike without four layers and a full beard to keep the frost bite away. With more people on the trail come more problems, however.

    One problem here in our neck of the woods is spring rain and muddy trails. Nothing sparks more of a debate on the socials like a picture of a good, old rutted-out mud hole on your favorite trail. Mud is murder, right?

    Muddy MTB trail

    No, mud is not murder.

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  • Rico's Rants: Scare yourself!

    Rico's Rants

    We all experience it. That moment when you are about to crack, you're at your wits end. Whether it's the dog ralphing on the new carpet, your car won't start, or just a crappy day at work. We all have these moments.

    As a lifelong cyclist, I have found my favorite coping mechanism. I grab the mountain bike and head for the local single track. Some of you may go for a road ride or take a lift to the top of your favorite DH trail. Whatever your preference it doesn't matter.

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  • Rico's Rants: Earn your turns!

    Rico's Rants

    I am slowly becoming that grumpy old-timer. During this past summer, I found myself getting a little angry with the younger MTB crowd who tend to shuttle or ride a ski lift to the top of the mountain to then ride down it instead of pushing or actually riding that 30-pound bike to the top. You see, I enjoy both aspects of a mountain bike ride (the up and the down), and I, should we say, "earn my turns."

    In fact, on many occasions I found myself mumbling "earn your turns" under my breath to these guys and girls. It started out very soft and low so that only I could hear, but by the end of the summer, I was letting these rascals know that they should earn their turns quite loudly.

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  • Night Rider: How MTBing at night can be so fun

    Night mountain biking

    Recently I have read many articles in various magazines and other publications about the total awesomeness that is night riding. This type of riding is especially awesome when you live in a hot area like Arizona or a relatively hot place such as Salt Lake City, where I live. Summer temperatures recently topped out at more than 100 degrees, which makes for a miserable mountain bike experience at high noon.

    There are some pretty sweet benefits to riding at night, some obvious and some not so obvious. Here are some of the things I have found about riding in the dark.

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  • Bike Review: Breezer Repack and Supercell

    Greg on the Breezer Repack Team

    Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend the Fruita Fat Tire Festival in Fruita, Colo. If you've never been, or never heard of it, it's basically an event where customers like you and me get to ride and test just about any mountain bike you want. In other words, it's mountain bike heaven. I went so I could try out the Breezer Repack and the Breezer Supercell. Never heard of them? Don't worry; they're brand new on the market, only launching a couple of months ago.

    Breezer is not quite a household name to your typical mountain biker, and as I found out, not too many people know that Joe Breeze, the creator of the brand and all that goes with it, is actually one of the men responsible for the modern day mountain bike. We could talk all day about the history of the brand, but let's get to the latest and greatest in mountain bike technology and design.

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  • Eight upgrades for your mountain bike


    There are a hundred different things you can do to get your mountain bike back faster and stronger than ever, but here we focus on eight basic, relatively inexpensive upgrades that will show big improvements. This list is in no particular order, but is meant to give you some ideas on getting the most out of your rides.

    1. Tires

    New tires can dramatically change your riding experience instantly. As your bike sits in the corners of the garage or shed, cold temperatures crack and dry out the rubber tread and sidewalls. This leaves your tires with less-than-stellar grip, puncture protection and sidewall stability. Getting good tires can give you the grip needed to conquer any trail and terrain you encounter.

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