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Tag Archives: Bike lights

  • Night Rider: How MTBing at night can be so fun

    Night mountain biking

    Recently I have read many articles in various magazines and other publications about the total awesomeness that is night riding. This type of riding is especially awesome when you live in a hot area like Arizona or a relatively hot place such as Salt Lake City, where I live. Summer temperatures recently topped out at more than 100 degrees, which makes for a miserable mountain bike experience at high noon.

    There are some pretty sweet benefits to riding at night, some obvious and some not so obvious. Here are some of the things I have found about riding in the dark.

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  • Bike Light Basics

    Bikewagon - BWCC

    Jump to it!     Bike taillights/rear safety lights | Front safety lights | Bike headlights | Emergency lights

    Whether you are an early-morning commuter, a nighttime mountain biker, an all-weather racer or just a casual rider, proper lighting on your bicycle is very important for safety. Unfortunately, many cyclists are hurt every year because they were riding without proper lights.

    Many of these accidents could be prevented by using inexpensive, widely available bike lights, and that’s why we recommend that every rider keep a set of bike lights with them on every ride -- you never know when you are going to get caught out after dark.

    This article will go over the most common styles of lights available today, the pluses and minuses of each variety, and the factors that cyclists should consider when making their choices.

    Bike taillights / rear safety lights

    Bike taillight

    The first and most basic style of light on the market is the rear safety light. Like the brake lights on a car, these rear lights are always red in color, and are most often used in a bright flashing mode to attract the attention of drivers approaching your bike from behind.

    Different bike taillights have different mounting options. Some are designed to clip onto the back of a rear rack, while others clamp onto your seat tube. Some riders choose to mount their rear lights on their backpack or even the rear side of their helmet, or to use several rear lights on different locations. Many riders take their lights with them when they lock their bike up in public, while others don’t worry about the (generally low) possibility of losing these cheap lights.

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  • Essential Bike Accessories

    Bikewagon - BWCC

    So, you’ve got a new bike and you’re ready to ride, right? Not so fast. Before you hit the road or the trail, it is important to learn about some of the cycling essentials -- small pieces of gear that make all the difference in the world.

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