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Tag Archives: Beautiful rides

  • Trip Report: Biking Across Utah

    Bikewagon customer service expert extraordinaire, John Jarvie, recently toured on bike from the northern border of Utah to the southern border. We sat him down to talk about his trip. Take a look.

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  • 7 Amazing Destination Bike Rides: Road Edition

    It's probably safe to say that most cyclists, at some point, have dreamed about traveling to an amazing location just to ride their bikes. But sometimes the daily grind just gets us down, and the dream starts to fade. That's why we've put together this short list of awesome destination rides, so you can keep the dream alive! Whether you want to tour and camp for weeks or just make a few day trips out of a particular route, there's something here for you. So read and dream. Then make it happen!

    Pacific Coast Highway

    1. The Pacific Coast Highway

    Starting in Vancouver, British Columbia, and stretching as far south as San Diego, you'll see it all on this amazingly beautiful ride. From breathtaking coastlines to the Redwood Forest to the Golden Gate Bridge, big cities, beautiful beaches: we could go on an on. Whether you do the whole thing or just a portion, the Pacific Coast Highway should be on every road cyclist's bucket list.

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  • Charity Bike Rides: Causes Worth Riding For

    Charity ride

    If you’re looking for a great reason to get out and bike, many charitable organizations are now using group bicycle rides as fundraisers for public health research on issues like cancer and diabetes. These rides are a great way to have fun, get some phenomenal exercise, and raise money for a good cause.

    These rides are also an opportunity to engage your community around certain issues. Usually these rides are done with family, friends, community members, and employers “sponsoring” riders by pledging donations to the charity at hand. In order to secure these donations, a rider has to reach out, sharing information about the cause at hand, why it is meaningful to them, and what support they are asking for.

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  • Epic Rides: 100 miles of pain and beauty to Washington's Mount Baker

    Mount Shuksan

    My alarm rang at 4 a.m. I hauled myself out of bed, cracked a half-dozen eggs, and made myself the biggest breakfast my stomach could handle.

    I'd need the energy.

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