Rico's Rants: Scare yourself!

Rico's Rants

We all experience it. That moment when you are about to crack, you're at your wits end. Whether it's the dog ralphing on the new carpet, your car won't start, or just a crappy day at work. We all have these moments.

As a lifelong cyclist, I have found my favorite coping mechanism. I grab the mountain bike and head for the local single track. Some of you may go for a road ride or take a lift to the top of your favorite DH trail. Whatever your preference it doesn't matter.

Single track riding

During these rides I find I push myself a little bit harder, I sometimes break some PR's, but most importantly I scare myself. Nothing can make you feel more alive than ripping that DH section at your limit, or crushing that climb as you max out your heart rate.

Experiences like this remind me that I am alive and thankful to be alive and enjoying the ride. Rides like this can help you forget all of life's troubles for at least the time you are riding and sometimes can rid yourself of those bad thoughts or feelings forever.

So get out there and scare yourself!

Eric Rasmussen

by Eric Rasmussen

Eric, AKA Rico, is a long-time competitive road, MTB and cyclocross racer. He has been gracing Bikewagon with his bearded presence since 2013.