Rico's Rants: Earn your turns!

Rico's Rants

I am slowly becoming that grumpy old-timer. During this past summer, I found myself getting a little angry with the younger MTB crowd who tend to shuttle or ride a ski lift to the top of the mountain to then ride down it instead of pushing or actually riding that 30-pound bike to the top. You see, I enjoy both aspects of a mountain bike ride (the up and the down), and I, should we say, "earn my turns."

In fact, on many occasions I found myself mumbling "earn your turns" under my breath to these guys and girls. It started out very soft and low so that only I could hear, but by the end of the summer, I was letting these rascals know that they should earn their turns quite loudly.

DH MTB Chairlift

This made me come to a realization. These kids have probably never ridden a fully rigid bike; they have never had the joy of riding that first Manitou or RockShox and thinking, "Wow." They have probably never upgraded from cantilevers to V-brakes and thought that braking couldn't get any better.

My son -- who is just 2 years old now -- may hate his father, but he will get to start his mountain biking on an old aluminum hardtail. I might let him use disc brakes and a decent front fork, but I want him to learn how to ride without 6 inches of suspension keeping him out of trouble.

He should thank me for it later.

Eric Rasmussen

by Eric Rasmussen

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