Kids Who Rip: MTB prodigy Jackson Goldstone gets the views

With the snow melting and giving way to ribbons of dirt commonly known as "single track," we decided to focus on a few shredders to get people excited about the upcoming mountain bike season. For the first post in this series, Kids Who Rip, let us introduce you to Jackson Goldstone.

Born in just 2004, Jackson has already stacked numerous sponsorships and has starred in multiple widely-viewed edits. To give some perspective as to what we mean by "widely-viewed," one of the first edits, Jackson Run Bike to Kindergarten has over 1 million views.

Growing up in Squamish, B.C., and a short drive away from Whistler Mountain Bike Park, one couldn't be faulted for stating this is the reason for his incredible skill. But as many parents can attest, it takes more than just the right location. In an interview with Bike Roar, Jackson's Dad, Ron Goldstone, explained, "It's about the fun of riding your bike, and the community that exists around biking events, clubs and trails."

In the same interview, Jackson follows up with, "We all ride bikes, we all race, and we just have an awesome time. Our parents tell me and my sister Bailey that they're proud of us, but really, we're super proud of them! They're awesome, and that makes everything more fun."

Being in the right place and having a supportive community is undeniably beneficial, but at the end of the day it comes down to spending time on the bike. As Jackson explains, "I just practice a lot. I ride a lot -- a real lot -- and I guess you just get better when you do stuff all the time." "And sometimes, even when I'm not on my bike, I'm thinking about tricks or moves and how I could do them or improve them".

While the world watches Jackson grow through his online videos, it's easy to see how the future looks bright for mountain biking.