How to convert your bike to tubeless tires

In the last few years, tubeless tire setups have become the wheel systems and tires of choice for mountain bikers. While still not nearly as popular as in the MTB world, road and cyclocross setups have also started taking hold in the last year or so.

If you've heard your friends talking about their tubeless setups but haven't yet made the effort to switch, we've put together a few videos to help you understand the process.

Part 1: An overview of tubeless tires

Part 2: Installing tubeless MTB tires with a sealant injector

Part 3: Installing tubeless MTB tires without a sealant injector

So what do you think? Ready to make the switch? Pick you up your tubeless conversion kits and sealants today and get going!

by Nathan Moulton

Nathan is the content manager at Bikewagon. He has written or edited product descriptions for thousands (probably tens of thousands!) of bike parts and accessories. Nathan joined the BWCC faculty in 2008.