Get the newest wheel size in MTB!

28.3 MTB wheels

Here at Bikewagon, we pride ourselves in being the first to bring you the latest innovations to hit the cycling world. Well today, we don't think we’re too bold in saying that we have one of the greatest MTB innovations you'll ever see: the 28.3-inch wheel (or 650d, depending on the manufacturer). This new wheel gives you the climbing power of a 29-inch wheel with the control and precision of a 26-inch wheel, and more of the best of both worlds than the 27.5-inch wheel!

New 28.3-inch MTB wheels

After riding the new 28.3er, Bikewagon’s shop manager and resident all-mountain rider, Greg Shafer, gave us this review: "Yeah, 27.5 is the perfect wheel size. But this new one is more perfect. I didn’t even think that was possible! But you better believe me, it is."

According to Shafer, the 28.3 wheels cornered better, climbed better, descended better, gripped better, sounded better, inflated easier, got fewer flats, marked up his truck bed less and rolled a lot faster.

"I expect these to take the MTB world by storm," he said. "All those 27.5 bikes people bought last season will be obsolete within the year."

Wanna be one of the first to adopt this latest innovation? Browse Bikewagon’s new 28.3 category today for the newest bikes, wheels and tires!

by Nathan Moulton

Nathan is the content manager at Bikewagon. He has written or edited product descriptions for thousands (probably tens of thousands!) of bike parts and accessories. Nathan joined the BWCC faculty in 2008.