Get Inspired: Danny MacAskill on the Isle of Skye

It's easy to lose inspiration, especially in the wintertime when many of our favorite roads and trails are impassable to biking-kind. That's why we're choosing this season to debut a new feature: we'll occasionally be highlighting a particularly awesome bike video from somewhere around the world.

In this video that was released just a few weeks back, the exceptional Danny MacAskill rides an incredible array of cliffs, boulders, spires, and slopes on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. MacAskill is a trials rider who is world renowned for stunning bike-handling and incredible trick riding.

Mountain bike trials is a competition style in which riders navigate an obstacle course while attempting to avoid putting their feet on the ground. The style emphasizes handling skills and utilizes specialized bikes with extra strong brakes, heavy-duty frames, and thick tires.

If you're as impressed with MacAskill's abilities as we are, you'll probably enjoy checking out a few more of his videos.

MacAskill first came to widespread attention in 2009, when his video, Inspired Bicycles, was released. Many were stunned to see the film, especially in the United States, since trials riding has been a mostly European phenomenon.

Now, six years later, there is no question that MacAskill is the king of the hill when it comes to trials riding.

All we can say is, "Wow."