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Product Reviews

  • Bike Review: Breezer Repack and Supercell

    Greg on the Breezer Repack Team

    Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend the Fruita Fat Tire Festival in Fruita, Colo. If you've never been, or never heard of it, it's basically an event where customers like you and me get to ride and test just about any mountain bike you want. In other words, it's mountain bike heaven. I went so I could try out the Breezer Repack and the Breezer Supercell. Never heard of them? Don't worry; they're brand new on the market, only launching a couple of months ago.

    Breezer is not quite a household name to your typical mountain biker, and as I found out, not too many people know that Joe Breeze, the creator of the brand and all that goes with it, is actually one of the men responsible for the modern day mountain bike. We could talk all day about the history of the brand, but let's get to the latest and greatest in mountain bike technology and design.

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  • CatEye Q3a Cycling Computer/Watch Review

    Q3a Cycling Computer/Watch

    The CatEye Q3a is a recent offering from CatEye, in an effort to provide a more elite-level bicycle computer to start competing with some of the more premium computer brands out there. It offers speed, cadence, distance, time, heart rate, elevation, temperature and more features. It measures pretty much everything short of power, so if you don't have or need a power meter, this computer may be a good choice for you.

    The CatEye Q3a is labelled as a multi-sport watch, but it's really optimized towards being a wireless bicycle computer. It can be worn as a wristwatch and can be used for running and swimming (triathlons) but excels more on the bike. If using it as a multi-sports watch, you should turn off the auto start/stop which runs off of the speed sensor that is specifically for the bike.

    The watch, bike handlebar mount, speed/cadence sensor, wheel magnets, HR strap, manual, software CD and a nifty case are all included with the purchase of the CatEye Q3a computer.

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