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  • Get the newest wheel size in MTB!

    28.3 MTB wheels

    Here at Bikewagon, we pride ourselves in being the first to bring you the latest innovations to hit the cycling world. Well today, we don't think we’re too bold in saying that we have one of the greatest MTB innovations you'll ever see: the 28.3-inch wheel (or 650d, depending on the manufacturer). This new wheel gives you the climbing power of a 29-inch wheel with the control and precision of a 26-inch wheel, and more of the best of both worlds than the 27.5-inch wheel!

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  • The New SRAM 22 Group Sets

    SRAM Force 22 Groupset

    SRAM's new 11-speed road drivetrain should be hitting the markets around mid-to-late June for the SRAM Red 22 and into July for the SRAM Force 22.  After introducing the XX1 drivetrain at iBike last year, you knew an 11-speed road gruppo would be around the corner soon.  With the new groups come some pretty slick upgrades and tech advances.

    Chain: What can be improved about a chain?  Well, according to SRAM, the new Red 22 chain features more heavily chamfered outer plates for improved shifting and quieter running to help steer away from that "clunky" shift of the past. Other advancements include a new inner plate finish plus chrome hardened pin construction, which both aid in longer chain life. The HollowPin construction provides smooth, precise shifting and weight savings without sacrificing strength.

    Cassette: The new 11-speed cassette is exactly what you would expect: light, strong and efficient. Coupled with the new chain, the PowerGlide cassettes are designed for high shifting performance with a quieter chain/cassette combination and longer life.

    Cranks: There are a TON of new crank options, including cranksets that will work together with front derailleurs that self trim and adjust (yaw control) to prevent chain rub on either the inside or outside of the front derailleur cage.  Also, are the Quarq cranks which are unmatched in providing training feedback from the integrated Power Meter while still maintaining a sleek geometry, reduced weight and clearance for oversized frames and aerodynamic chainrings.  Whether you choose any of the three crank designs, you'll find a wide array of crank arm lengths, gearing, and bottom bracket interface that you need.

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