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DIY Projects

  • 5 DIY Solutions for Cyclists

    DIY fender

    Many cyclists take pride in their ability to improvise solutions to various problems on the road. One of the best we've ever heard of was a touring duo who experienced too many flat tires on a remote stretch of agricultural land in the Midwest. Their solution? Take out the tube and stuff the tire with hay to preserve the rims and make it to the next town. It sounds bumpy, but it worked.

    Many cyclists have stories like this: times when they've had to think on the fly about how to get home or keep a bike limping along much further than its natural life. It's a great skill for cyclists to have, and in this article we're diving into some similar DIY solutions for non-emergencies. We're talking about creative things that can be both functional and easy to do. Sound fun? Let's jump into it.

    1. DIY fenders

    This is a trick that has been known to bike messengers and other urban cyclists for a long time, and it's used by the folks who don't want to break the smooth lines and cool style of their bike with fenders. Instead, do the DIY option: grab a piece of cardboard and cut or rip it into a strip about 8 or 9 inches wide and a couple of feet long. Take this piece and bend it down the middle, slotting it into the frame above the brakes on your rear wheel to intercept the water flicked off your rear wheel. It might not last long, but it will get you to your job or your date looking clean, all for the low price of free. Not bad!

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