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Cycling in the Community

  • 6 Ways to Promote Cycling in Your Community

    This month is National Bike Month, so we want to highlight how cyclists can give back to their community. Since biking is such a great way to improve health, contribute to a cleaner environment and build community, getting more people to ride is a great thing to do!

    So, without further ado, here are some great ideas for how you can promote cycling in your community!

    1. Just ride a lot!

    Cycling around town

    One great way to promote riding is to just do it. There is nothing like seeing riders on the road -- especially casual riders in normal clothes on upright, comfortable bikes -- to increase awareness of cycling and get more people out.

    Some riders take things to the next level, purchasing tandems, child seats, and trailers for large loads (or even kayaks!) that serve double purpose: they are functional and also demonstrate that biking can be more than just exercise and racing.

    As you ride around your neighborhood, talk to people in your community. Slide in a comment here and there about cycling and how great it is -- how it's helped you improve your mood, lose some extra weight or contribute to a cleaner environment.

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  • States ranked for bike friendliness in 2014

    Bike lane

    May is National Bike Month. That means it's time for The League of American Bicycles' annual ranking of bike-friendly states. Based on a number of different attributes involving a state's policies, programs, laws, planning and infrastructure that serves to promote and protect cyclists.

    We're happy to note that our state, Utah, moved into the top 10 for 2014. Where does your state fall?
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