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Culture & Etiquette

  • Simplifying Trail Etiquette: Whoever is having more fun has the right-of-way.

    Happy mountain biker

    Out on the mountain bike/running/hiking trail, it seems that people either don't know the rules regarding right-of-way, ignore the rules, or have their own set of rules. And these rules spark all sorts of debates (and sometimes fights.) But the "law," as made by the trail gods, is this: Hikers/runners and bikers yield to horses, bikers yield to hikers/runners, and downhill yields to uphill within these specific categories (i.e., downhill biker yields to uphill biker, but uphill biker still yields to downhill runner). You should always assume that everyone else on the trail is going to abide by these rules, unless it's communicated otherwise.

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  • 12 Things All Cyclists Are (or Should Be) Thankful for

    It's that time of year when we take a break from obsessing over our bike and spend some time counting our blessings (by eating and watching football). So, as cyclists of all varieties, here is our list of things we're thankful for:

    1. Freshly paved roads

    Fresh paved road
    Just hearing that phrase makes us go, "Aaahhhh."
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  • 17 Reasons Cycling is Better than Running

    1. You are on a bike.

    bike jump
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  • 5 Awesome Bike-related Pranks

    As is evident from the email we sent out to subscribers this morning, we like to have a little fun on April Fools' Day.

    To keep it going and give you some ideas for next year, here's a list of some of the best bike pranks on the Web.

    1. Bike stuck on a pole

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  • Top 5 Rules of MTB Trail Etiquette

    When you have a skill in the outdoors like climbing, kayaking, or biking, there seems to be an instant bond with those you meet in the process. You meet people to take you to the "hidden gems" or some of the "virgin territory."

    There once was a time in the not too distant past where mountain bikers would greet each other as they passed by. Riders going downhill would kindly move to the side so that those who struggling uphill could keep climbing, and biking would turn into a social event with total strangers

    As we head into the fall MTB season, we have come up with some simple tips to keep riding fun and safe, all while keeping your self-esteem and dignity in tact. WA beautiful day for a ridehether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, it's always nice to have a friendly reminder:

    1. Pull over: If you are going downhill and you come across someone going uphill, be kind and pull to the side. Yes, it's fun to go fast, but it's frustrating and demeaning to be steadily climbing, only to be brushed off by a screaming hooligan.
    2. Give a head count: When you come across a rider, let them know how many are with you, even if it's just you. This may sound too simple to make a difference, but it gets annoying to keep pulling over for riders every five seconds. All you need to do is say "just me," or "three behind me." That's all you need to do, and it makes a world of difference for overall ride experience.
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    hether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, it">
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