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  • How to remove and install a bike chain

    Whether you are assembling a new bicycle or your chain has succumbed to chain stretch, changing out or installing a chain can be an intimidating, dirty job if you don't know what you are doing. Luckily, the process is very straightforward. Let's dive in!

    First, we have to understand the basic nature of a bike chain. It consists of a repeating set of links connected by rivets (also known as pins). Over time, the holes through which the chain rivets pass can elongate due to the strain of powerful pedaling stokes. This is called "chain stretch" and can make your chain slip while shifting or when pedaling powerfully.

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  • How to clean a bicycle cassette

    Bikewagon - BWCC

    Having a clean drivetrain is essential to maintaining your bike's drivetrain performance and longevity. While cleaning and lubing the chain should be done on a weekly basis (if you ride multiple times a week), cleaning your cassette is important to do every couple of months or so when dirt and grease build up.

    There are a couple different techniques that I use to clean cassettes. I'll call them the "quick" way and the "thorough" way.

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