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Bike discussions

  • 12 Things All Cyclists Are (or Should Be) Thankful for

    It's that time of year when we take a break from obsessing over our bike and spend some time counting our blessings (by eating and watching football). So, as cyclists of all varieties, here is our list of things we're thankful for:

    1. Freshly paved roads

    Fresh paved road
    Just hearing that phrase makes us go, "Aaahhhh."
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  • The Top 7 Reasons to Ride a Bike

    There are a lot of great reasons to ride a bike, but today were going to highlight our top seven reasons. Let's get to it.

    1. It's great exercise

    Road bike

    Biking is phenomenal exercise. It exercises the large muscles of the leg, such as the hamstring and quad, and also hits smaller muscle groups in the core, the back and the arms. Cycling is also phenomenal for the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Whether you prefer long, more leisurely rides or the thrill of the sprint, you can build a strong heart and strong lungs on a bike.

    One of the great things about cycling is that it is a low-impact activity. Unlike running, which can be difficult on the joints, bicycling is an activity that is accessible for almost anyone. As long as your balance is decent, you should be able to ride bike. Even the elderly, the infirm, and people recovering from injuries can use cycling as a great way to keep their blood circulating and their muscles in good shape.

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  • Pro Chats: What do pro cyclists like about the Fuji Altamira and Fuji SST?

    Here is another video from our "Pro Chats" series. Chris Butler, Craig Lewis and Chad Beyer all ride for Champion System Pro Cycling Team. While they were in town for the Tour of Utah recently, we sat down with them and had them tell us what they like about the bikes they ride -- the Fuji Altamira and the Fuji SST. (Just so you're aware, Bikewagon is an authorized Fuji dealer, but we can't sell them online, so if you want to get one from us, give us a call or come stop by the shop!) Check it out, and if you ride the same bike, let us know what you think about it in the comments section below.


  • Getting hit: Gordon's run-in with a minivan

    A few days ago -- July 4th of all days -- one of our extraordinary shippers, Gordon, was riding his bike into work to put in some early morning holiday hours. Unfortunately, he didn't make it into the warehouse that day, but not because he got sidetracked by an Independence Day parade or a BBQ. Nope, he was hit by a car.

    Luckily, Gordon walked away without too many injuries, but it could have easily been much worse. He sat down with me to talk about the experience.


    Q: First off, describe the accident. What happened?
    A: I was heading down west… and a vehicle was coming eastbound. He turned left into a gas station, and he didn't see me -- probably because I didn't have lights. It was also dark and rainy. I had some reflective gear on, but it wasn't enough. He didn't see me, and he didn't turn on any blinkers or anything and we just collided. I hit his front passenger quarter-panel. I hit his hood and his windshield, and then I flew 20 feet into some grass just across the way.
    Gordon's bike after the accident
    He got out of his vehicle and asked if I wanted to go the hospital. I said yes. I was able to stand up and walked to his vehicle with his help. He put me in and took me to the hospital. My injuries were my right knee and left shoulder (both had x-rays, both were fine). I have scrapes on my left arm from the windshield wipers cutting me. [After] further investigation, I have a torn or strained ligament in my left shoulder. Nothing's wrong with my knees. They're just a little sore, still.

    Q: Did you hit your head?
    A: Yeah, I hit my head. I have a black eye. I had a swollen face and it hurt to chew for the first week.

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  • The top 4 reasons to ride a bike this Earth Day

    I’m not a tree-hugger, just a cyclist with tight pants:

    Stick Fig + Bike + trees Crop

    Around the office I have a reputation for being some kind of hipster-tree-hugger, which is probably why I was singled out to write this blog post about Earth Day. Before I begin, I want to clear some things up. I wear tight pants because they are easier to bike in. My wide-rimmed glasses allow me to see. And I don’t hug trees; they are prickly, covered in sap, and that is just weird. Well…okay, so maybe I have hugged a few trees, but I will "leaf" that out of this. Here is my one chance to convince you to ditch your car to commute by bike and I better not blow it. Whether you are a tree-hugger or not, you will benefit by riding a bike more often (tight pants optional).

    Without further ado, here are my top reasons for commuting by bike:

    Money, money, money

    Driving is expensive. The average driver spends nearly $8,000 a year to own and operate a vehicle. Skip the monthly payments, insurance, gas and maintenance, and ride a bike. Bikes only cost cyclists an average of $300 a year!

    Body and mind

    Everyone knows exercise does the body good, and yet we drive cars everywhere we go. Skip the gym and ride a bike. It will kill fat, build a stronger heart and provide excellent stress relief for even the busiest of minds.

    Pure enjoyment

    No one likes sitting in traffic, so skip the lines and grab a bike. Passing cars with wind blowing between your ears will release the inner child from within you.

    …Yep, the environment

    Cars use valuable resources and emit pollution into the air. Riding a bike will save wilderness areas from drilling and clean air means happy lungs.

    For at least today, in the spirit of Earth Day, try commuting by bike. Ride to work, spin to the store, or go for a joy ride. I promise it will be worth your time. The worst that can happen is that your office will start calling you a tree-hugging-hipster...and that's not too bad.

    If you need proof of why riding a bike is better than a car check out and

    You may also want to check out our Green Cycling tutorial from BWCC.

    Kurt Simpsonby Kurt SimpsonGoogle+

    Kurt Simpson, AKA The Handsome Cyclist, is an avid road racer and Bikewagon's hipster-in-residence. He currently runs the retail location at the Wagon.

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