Bike terms of the month: Words to use when you're tired.

When you've been riding your bike too hard for too long and can't go any farther, there are a few different terms you can use to communicate your exhaustion:

  • Bonk: Normally this is a verb. Sometimes it's a noun.
  • Boink: Pretty much the same as "bonk" with an extra i (maybe it means you bonked, and then some).
  • Cashed: This is an adjective used to describe someone who's completely out of gas.


So here's an exercise for you. Can you spot the cashed cyclist who bonked too early in this picture?

Bikewagon Bonk

You guessed it! Paul (2nd from the left) was completely cashed. But hey, he had just ridden 500 miles from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas, so we don't hold it against him.

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