Around The Wagon: Stuck in the Person On Duty's Room

Uh oh. I'm stuck.

Recently I had an experience here at Bikewagon that was embarrassing, humiliating and hysterical all in one.

While at work one day, I went to use the restroom. One of my co-workers suggested that I shouldn't use one particular restroom as it was "out of order," and instead told me to use the one down the hall (the one labeled "Person On Duty's Room"). He, along with others knew that this restroom was in fact the one that was "out of order." This particular bathroom door could be opened from the outside, but not from the inside.

The doorknob is off.

When I was finished washing my hands I went to open the door, only to find that something was clearly wrong. Next thing I know, I hear voices from outside laughing at my peculiar circumstances because they all knew I was out of luck. When help arrived, they realized that the door could no longer be opened from the outside -- leaving me stuck.

John's handiwork from the outside.

I am not usually one to be claustrophobic -- at least when I have the option of getting out from a small space. Being locked in a bathroom smaller than most utility closets is not a comforting feeling, and I was becoming more and more anxious.

I was trying to think of some awesome MacGyver way of escaping, but I had no gum wrapper or paper clip to get me out, and there wasn't enough room to slide tools under the door. To make matters worse, the bathroom has a suspended ceiling (through which these pictures were taken) so I couldn't climb out through a vent or anything.

I was stuck.

I'm free!

Luckily, we have a handyman on staff here and he was able to slide a slim rod under the door which allowed me to pop the door handle off. After that we had to completely disassemble the handle in order to get me out of there.

Fortunately I didn't need any emergency blankets, and I haven't needed to take therapy to recover from this. However, as a result of my humiliation, there has been a bonding between me and my co-workers (I can't really tell if it's a good thing). Plus, now at least three people that work here know of a bathroom they never knew existed.

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