Around the office: Helicopter envy

A couple of weeks ago, Brian, our Web developer, got a free remote-control helicopter when he bought some software from a start-up company. Well that was the end of it. Since then, little remote control helicopters have been buzzing around, falling from the sky and annoying our co-worker Marie.

When I saw Brian's helicopter, I said, "Hey, I have the same model at home!" and brought it to work. Brian, in typical Brian fashion, decided he wasn't satisfied with his free helicopter and dropped some cash on a fancy four-rotor version that looks like something from a sci-fi horror show.

And then there was Paul. He came down with a serious case of helicopter envy when he saw Brian's, so that night he went to his neighborhood Wal-Mart and purchased one of his own. When he brought it to our office and turned it on the next morning, it did nothing but spin around out of control. He returned it.

The helicopter envy still persisted, however, so Paul went to a nearby hobby shop and bought a little lightweight beauty. That night at home, he crashed it and broke a gear. So he went back to the hobby shop and bought a replacement part. Finally, he could premiere his helicopter here at the office!

He flew it a few times (it screams like a banshee). Then he plugged it into Brian's charger. After that, it wouldn't hold a charge. So once again, he went back to the hobby shop. The woman there said the battery was "puffy." He bought a new battery for $5, she installed it, and he was back in business!

Well yesterday, Paul decided to take on my helicopter. Here's what happened:


Yes, my yellow helicopter dominated. And once again, Paul was after another replacement part back at the hobby shop. (Don't worry; this piece only cost him 99 cents.) And Brian? He decided he wasn't satisfied with his 4-rotor thing and spent even more money on a fancier, more traditional design. We're all anticipating it's arrival. All of us except for Marie, anyway.

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