Anyone want some Lance memorabilia? Anyone...?

We've stored a lot of Lance Armstrong memorabilia on our shelves over the past few years. Some of it has come in and sold. Some of it has come in and stayed -- but not because we haven't wanted to sell it! We're thinking it might be even more difficult to move these days, but since it's Tour time, maybe someone will want to remember the good ol' days before the titles were stripped and ignorance was bliss.

Right now, if you come to our local shop, we would be happy to give you this sweet shirt.

Lance T-shirt

Or maybe you'll be lucky enough to get this book.

Lance book

Sorry, but we're all out of these posters.

USPS team poster

But we do still have a few of these ones left!

Lance XC Poster

And finally, there's this amazing number 7 pin to help you remember what once was.

7 pin

Get yours today before they're gone!