7 Amazing Destination Bike Rides: Road Edition

It's probably safe to say that most cyclists, at some point, have dreamed about traveling to an amazing location just to ride their bikes. But sometimes the daily grind just gets us down, and the dream starts to fade. That's why we've put together this short list of awesome destination rides, so you can keep the dream alive! Whether you want to tour and camp for weeks or just make a few day trips out of a particular route, there's something here for you. So read and dream. Then make it happen!

Pacific Coast Highway

1. The Pacific Coast Highway

Starting in Vancouver, British Columbia, and stretching as far south as San Diego, you'll see it all on this amazingly beautiful ride. From breathtaking coastlines to the Redwood Forest to the Golden Gate Bridge, big cities, beautiful beaches: we could go on an on. Whether you do the whole thing or just a portion, the Pacific Coast Highway should be on every road cyclist's bucket list.

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Switzerland Mobility

2. Switzerland Mobility bike routes

With nine national, multi-day bike routes for road cyclists, the Switzerland Mobility network gives you more than enough breathtaking scenery and challenging climbs. And about 95% of the entire network of well-kept, paved bike trails is car-free! Seriously, who doesn't dream of riding a bike through the Alps? People who are dead inside. That's who.

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Land's End

3. Land's End to John O'Groats, Britain

With a traditional distance of 874 miles by bike, this route takes you from the most southern point of the Isle of Great Britain to the most northern point in Scotland. Pass through beautiful the beautiful English countryside, see old ruins and maybe even take a stop to look for Nessie in Loch Ness. There are multiple ways to get from point to point, so have fun and plan well.

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Blue Ridge Parkway

4. Blue Ridge Parkway

One of the most scenic stretches of road in the United States, the Blue Ridge parkway stretches from Virginia to Tennessee. It's especially beautiful in the fall and provides plenty of fun changes in elevation.

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5. Eurovelo 6

This long route starts in France and ends in Romania, passing through lots of different countries and regions along the way. Most of the path is dedicated to bikes, so you can tour much of Europe without the stress that comes from sharing narrow streets with cars. Whether you do a small portion or the whole thing, you'll see plenty of unforgettable scenery.

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Icefields Parkway

6. Icefields Parkway, Alberta

The 144-mile Icefields Parkway takes you through some of the most rugged, spectacular scenery in North America. You'll travel past glaciers and high mountain lakes through the heart of the Canadian Rockies (including two national parks).

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7. Tuscany

With some of the world's best cuisine and lightly traveled roads, this region in Italy is heaven for road cyclists. You can ride through the hilly countryside where many of the world's greatest pros have trained, and then enjoy some delicious food at the end of the day.

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Okay, if that list doesn't get you dreaming, I don't know what will. What is your dream cycling destination? Tell us in the comments section below.

by Nathan Moulton

Nathan is the content manager at Bikewagon. He has written or edited product descriptions for thousands (probably tens of thousands!) of bike parts and accessories. Nathan joined the BWCC faculty in 2008.