1X vs 2X Drivetrains: Bike Gear Ratios Explained

Over the past couple of years, the 1X (pronounced "one-by") drivetrain has become pretty popular, especially on mountain bikes and cyclocross bikes. In case you're wondering, a 1X is a drivetrain that utilizes a crankset with a single chainring. So the drivetrain could be 1 x 11, for example, meaning one speed on the crankset in front with 11 speeds on the cassette in the back.

Bikewagon customer service guru, John Jarvie (AKA, The Jarv), has been doing a lot of long-distance touring over the last couple of years. On his bike, however, he's running a 2X drivetrain. In this video, he explains why he's gone with that option over the 1X and gives us a rundown on the concept of gear ratios.

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