16 Reasons You Should Bike to Work

Our favorite part of National Bike Month is Bike to Work Week. This year it's May 11 - 15, with the 15th being National Bike to Work Day. To help you prepare and get motivated to join in, we've thrown together a list of the benefits of biking to work.


1. Everyone looks at you walking into the office with your bike and wishes they were as good as you.
Entering office with bike
It's a great way to make your co-workers feel like they could be a little bit better. A little bit like you.


2. Efficient exercise
Commuter cyclist
Exercise and transportation are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Unlike the treadmill or that Richard Simmons workout, when you bike to work you're actually getting somewhere you need to be as a result of your exercise.


3. You can keep one pant leg rolled up all day and be cool about it.
Rolled-up pant leg
Maybe some people actually "forget to roll it back down." In reality it's just a nonchalant way of showing how awesome you are.


4. Go to the front of the line at stoplights.
Cyclist at stoplight
While the queue of cars piles up at a red light, you can happily ride by in the bike lane and wave at the grumpy drivers.


5. Messenger bags
Messenger bag
Who knew that style and street cred could be slung over your shoulder in a simple bag?


6. Improved air quality
Clean air
Fewer cars. Fewer CO2 emissions. Less global warming. Less illness. We could go on but will leave it at that.


7. Stretchy jeans
Commuter jeans
If you haven't tried them, those commuter jeans with a bit of elasticity are pretty darn comfy.


8. Helmet hair = good hair
Helmet hair
Please don't fix it when you arrive at the office. That flat hair is a status symbol!


9. You can use a bike mirror without shame.
Bicycle mirror
You know all that cycling gear that just seems like good sense but for some reason makes all the Lycra-clad roadies want to join witness protection when they see someone using it on the bike path? When you're commuting it's okay!


10. It clears your mind!
Happy girl on bike
All that stress that built up during the day just blows away with the wind in your face.


11. You have a legitimate reason to buy really cool bike lights.
Laser bike light
Regular flashing safety lights just won't cut it. You need a bike taillight with lasers that makes a private bike lane just for you.


12. A new calf tattoo every day.
The designs your chainring creates each day may surprise you. You might be able to find some deeper meaning in it all if you really ponder them each day.


13. People say, "You bike to work? You're so cool!"
You're so cool
And you say, "Why, thank you. Yes I am."


14. A cycling kit is the perfect outfit to show off your figure at work.
Why change clothes? Lycra cycling clothing can be comfortable all day long.


15. Nothing beats the feel of chamois cream in the morning.
Chamois cream
Mmmm. How refreshing!


16. A fatter wallet
Fat wallet
I'm sure you can think of lots of ways you would rather spend your gas money. Maybe more cool stuff for your bike?


Are you going to join in and bike to work next week? (With a list of benefits like this, how could you not?) Tell us your plans below!

by Nathan Moulton

Nathan is the content manager at Bikewagon. He has written or edited product descriptions for thousands (probably tens of thousands!) of bike parts and accessories. Nathan joined the BWCC faculty in 2008.