12 Things All Cyclists Are (or Should Be) Thankful for

It's that time of year when we take a break from obsessing over our bike and spend some time counting our blessings (by eating and watching football). So, as cyclists of all varieties, here is our list of things we're thankful for:

1. Freshly paved roads

Fresh paved road
Just hearing that phrase makes us go, "Aaahhhh."

2. Tubeless tires

Tubeless tire
Seriously. If you have tried them yet, you really should consider dumping the tubes.

3. Fixies

For reminding us how nice it is to have gears and freehubs.

4. Arm and knee warmers

Snobby road cyclist
So easy to put on. So easy to take off. And oh so warm on a cool morning ride.

5. Super bright LED bike lights

Night mountain biking
Now it doesn't matter when a domestic dispute arises. You can blow off steam 24/7!

6. Kestrel

1897 Kestrel 4000
For giving us the first full carbon bike in 1987.

7. Saddles with full cutouts

Selle Italia saddle with cutout
Many children in this world probably owe their existence to a cutout.

8. Water

Cyclist with water
We wouldn't be able to ride without it. Or live.

9. Bar Mitts

Bar Mitts
Add a "vah" and it's a nice warm party.

10. Tom Ritchey

Tom Ritchey
He basically owns Movember, all year long.

11. Chair lifts & shuttles

DH MTB Chairlift
Because who wants to ride uphill? Oh yeah... this guy.

12. A post-ride meal

Thanksgiving Dinner
Here's wishing you and yours a happy Thanksgiving.

What would you add to the list? Leave it in the comments below!

by Nathan Moulton

Nathan is the content manager at Bikewagon. He has written or edited product descriptions for thousands (probably tens of thousands!) of bike parts and accessories. Nathan joined the BWCC faculty in 2008.