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The Wagon: Bikewagon Community College & Blog

  • Kids Who Rip: Finn Iles defies the rules and wins

    To start off this next post in the series Kids Who Rip, I first have to introduce the legendary mountain bike festival known as Crankworx. Crankworx originated at Whistler Mountain as a week-long series of varying events including, but not limited to, downhill racing on different styles of trails, slopestyle, dual speed and style, enduro racing and the pump track challenge.

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  • Kids Who Rip: MTB prodigy Jackson Goldstone gets the views

    With the snow melting and giving way to ribbons of dirt commonly known as "single track," we decided to focus on a few shredders to get people excited about the upcoming mountain bike season. For the first post in this series, Kids Who Rip, let us introduce you to Jackson Goldstone.

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  • How to convert your bike to tubeless tires

    In the last few years, tubeless tire setups have become the wheel systems and tires of choice for mountain bikers. While still not nearly as popular as in the MTB world, road and cyclocross setups have also started taking hold in the last year or so.

    If you've heard your friends talking about their tubeless setups but haven't yet made the effort to switch, we've put together a few videos to help you understand the process.

    Part 1: An overview of tubeless tires

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  • 10 Essential Tips for Bike Commuting

    If you're not already doing it, you've probably at least started thinking about riding to work. That's great! With a little preparation, riding your bike to work has all kinds of benefits. And it's a lot more fun than sitting in a car, stuck in a traffic jam!

    If you're new to the whole commuting thing or just haven't done it in a while, I've put together our top 10 bike commuting tips to help you get over the learning curve sooner than later.

    1. Plan your route.


    Narrow, busy roads are no fun when you're on a bike. Big trucks and careless cars zooming by while you try to stay within a 1-foot shoulder can create a lot of anxiety, and for good reason. So before you start, check out a map and run through the options. If bike paths or roads with bike lanes are available, use them, even if they're not the most direct route. A couple of added minutes each day are much less worse than getting hit by a truck, and the commute will be much more enjoyable if you have plenty of space.

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  • Bike Maintenance Schedule

    Bikewagon - BWCC

    Keeping on top of regular bike maintenance is an important task for all riders. Paying proper attention to the wear and tear on your bicycle may seem like a chore at times, but the smooth riding and years of dependable service you will get from a well-tended bicycle is well worth it.

    Knowing what bike maintenance tasks should be done when can be confusing to many riders. This tutorial will help to explain the basic procedures that you may want to do and the timing for them.

    Be aware that these recommendations will vary depending on the rider; cyclists who ride in wet or muddy conditions should probably service their bikes more regularly, while casual cyclists who ride less frequently can scale back the frequency of basic maintenance. Many of these operations are simple and can be done by novice riders, while others are more complex. If you feel overwhelmed, your local bike shop will be able to provide all the maintenance services described here.

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  • The Big Move

    We’re moving!

    You may have heard or seen the recent news that Bikewagon is joining winter sports retailer L9 Sports. We’re still in the beginning of the marriage, but we can say it’s gonna be great! Over the next few months you’ll start seeing the benefits of our joined forces in more products and great deals for year-round adventures.

    Bikewagon is moving
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  • Lessons from My First 24-hour Bike Race

    Eric in 24-hour Race

    In all my years of bike racing, I have never made it a priority to race a 24-hour event. Whether it was the lack of friends or the dislike of not getting sleep, I have just avoided this racing format. Or maybe I was just never given the ideal opportunity to jump in. I recently got this opportunity for a race I had been interested in for a few years now.

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  • Tales from Haunted Bikewagon

    Bikewagon Ghost

    Some Bikewagon employees have experienced what they believe to be paranormal activity around the office. Read their stories:

    We hired some temporary help when we were moving in to our current building. One morning, one of the temporary employees informed us that he refused to work here any longer. His reason? He had seen a ghost in the warehouse the night before.

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  • How to adjust a rear derailleur

    Bikewagon - BWCC

    The rear derailleur is responsible for shifting between your sprockets, the rear set of gears on your bicycle. The derailleur consists of a guide or cage for your chain that can be shifted from side to side by means of a cable that follows the frame of your bike and attaches to your shift levers. The spring-loaded arm of the rear derailleur maintains tension on the chain as it shifts between different gears.

    On new bikes, these cables are fresh and may stretch a small amount over the first several months of riding your bike. This can cause your derailleur to become slightly loose and rub against your chain, which puts wear and tear on both parts and decreases the efficiency of your pedaling.

    Adjusting a rear derailleur

    Fortunately, adjusting your rear derailleur is easy and only takes a basic set of tools and a few minutes. You may have to adjust the derailleur every few months if you ride a good deal, or every few years if you are a more casual rider, so it pays to learn this simple technique.

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  • Simplifying Trail Etiquette: Whoever is having more fun has the right-of-way.

    Happy mountain biker

    Out on the mountain bike/running/hiking trail, it seems that people either don't know the rules regarding right-of-way, ignore the rules, or have their own set of rules. And these rules spark all sorts of debates (and sometimes fights.) But the "law," as made by the trail gods, is this: Hikers/runners and bikers yield to horses, bikers yield to hikers/runners, and downhill yields to uphill within these specific categories (i.e., downhill biker yields to uphill biker, but uphill biker still yields to downhill runner). You should always assume that everyone else on the trail is going to abide by these rules, unless it's communicated otherwise.

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